Catalpa Corner HT: Cross Country

Cross country time! I was excited about the course, which looked fun but not too terribly challenging. And I was ready to channel my dressage frustration into giving Duke a good, positive ride.

I had my helmet cam going, which is so fun to watch and relive. Sound on if you want to hear my ridiculous commentary throughout. Please excuse the profanity when I realize my watch didn’t start.

He looked a little at jump 12, which were carved fish, and geeked a bit to 8AB, which were two up banks. But we made it through really smoothly otherwise and had a blast.

Even though I hit the wrong dang button on my watch so it didn’t start, we came in at 4:51, which was 6 seconds under the optimum time! So happy with that and it bumped us up to 7th place.

I just love cross country so much.

15 thoughts on “Catalpa Corner HT: Cross Country

  1. What a good boy! And I could watch his ears for days. That course looks like it goes for days…..and that house/barn jump made me throw up a little. All those jumps look huge to me (#certifiedchicken). Glad you had fun!! He looks like a blast to jump CC!


  2. I love helmet cams. Looking at courses in different parts of the country is always fun to me. Looks like a great course, y’all were clocking right along no problem!


    1. I agree, helmet cams are so fun and seeing courses around the country is pretty cool. I was pleasantly surprised by how much terrain this course had, being in the middle of Iowa, literally surrounded by corn fields!


  3. I’m a new reader of your blog, but I have to say you have some of the best cross country commentary I think I’ve ever seen on a helmet cam video! I was laughing so much when you came up to the fish jump. LOL Great round!

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