Roll Out the Barrels

Yesterday, a brewery nearby posted that they were selling their old barrels for cheap. They are bourbon barrels that had been reused to make craft beer. My first thought was, obviously, “must get some to build cool jumps!” Maybe a cross country jump, or at the very least, some cool looking jump standards. And then … More Roll Out the Barrels

Indoor XC Practice

Our last lesson of 2018 was a doozy in the best way. It was a sort of year-end celebration/day to mark the end of my lease on Duke. Trainer B put the jumps up and pulled out the scary skinny so we could do some XC-style practice in our indoor. We started out with something … More Indoor XC Practice

Borrowing Enzo

Duke was at a horse show with his other half-leaser last weekend, so I got to borrow my friend/teammate, K’s amazing horse, Enzo. He’s an OTTB with major talent. Most definitely the fanciest eventer I’ve sat on. Trainer B’s horse takes that honor for fanciest dressage horse. (Don’t tell Duke any of this.) He was … More Borrowing Enzo