2018 Goals

And now that it’s 2018, here’s my new list of goals for the year! Like last year, I’m writing these down to keep myself on track and remember them throughout the year. If I don’t complete something, oh well. I won’t beat myself up over it. They’re more like guidelines than resolutions, but they give … More 2018 Goals

2017 Goals Review

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2017! What a year. I made a lot of resolutions, and tracking them every few months helped me a lot. Here’s the final review of my goals for this year. RIDING Weekly lessons; average two dressage and two jumping per month. Half complete. I did stick with weekly … More 2017 Goals Review

Q3 Goals Review

I really like doing these quarterly goal reviews, even if no one reads them. It keeps me focused and on track with things I want to be doing. And I really enjoy checking things off the list! I can’t believe we’re now in the 4th quarter. This year has gone by so, so fast already, … More Q3 Goals Review

2017 Goals

I hesitate to call these “resolutions” because everyone knows that people usually quit their resolutions within a month. I’m pretty determined to accomplish a few things this year, though, and everyone also knows that writing down goals and telling people about them makes you more likely to achieve them. RIDING Weekly lessons; average two dressage … More 2017 Goals

Goals for the Winter

Winter in the Upper Midwest sucks. There’s really no other way about it. Sure, the snow is sparkling and magical and whatever. It also gets dark by 4pm, temperatures often stay near zero for weeks on end, and the whole season is about four months too long. Really, if we could have a white Christmas … More Goals for the Winter

Rhythm & Clarity

Since our last show, life has been a whirlwind. I have traveled by plane, I have traveled by car, I have gone camping, I have been to a wedding, I have moved to a new place (but still in the same city). I have done all this while also keeping up with my full time job … More Rhythm & Clarity

New Goal: Ride at HITS Balmoral Park

When I read the initial report back in May that Chicago’s Balmoral Park was purchased by HITS, I was giddy. Living in Southeastern Wisconsin has its benefits, sure; but it has its limitations in terms of international-level jumping opportunities. No more! The park will be renovated into a world-class hunter/jumper venue, with its first shows beginning … More New Goal: Ride at HITS Balmoral Park