New Goal: Ride at HITS Balmoral Park

PC: HITS Staff

When I read the initial report back in May that Chicago’s Balmoral Park was purchased by HITS, I was giddy. Living in Southeastern Wisconsin has its benefits, sure; but it has its limitations in terms of international-level jumping opportunities.

No more! The park will be renovated into a world-class hunter/jumper venue, with its first shows beginning in May 2017.

So, that adds a new bullet to my list of lifetime horse-related goals:

  • Ride in a class at Balmoral Park / HITS Chicago / whatever they end up calling it.

It probably won’t happen next year. Maybe not even the year after that. But with such a venue so close, it’s an opportunity I plan to work toward. I’m sure a lot of Midwestern jumpers and hunters will be adding a similar goal to their bucket lists.

Also: How cool will it be to have a HITS venue so close? Super cool. Here’s to hoping that there’ll be some really amazing international-level shows there and that I’ll have lots more opportunities to go see the top riders live in action.

Read all about Balmoral Park’s renovation on Jumper Nation.

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