In my last lesson, I jumped Artie. He’s super fun! He has that awesome “yes ma’am” attitude. As Trainer B put the jumps up she said it would be quite a bit higher than Artie is used to. I think that put it into my subconscious that we would be jumping “high.”

And Artie was awesome! Other than needing a bit more pace coming in, he was forward and bold. It felt like he attacked each jump. In short – it was a blast!

While some of the jumps were low, some did feel pretty high. And then I watched back the video and…they were not high. At all. I mean, one was probably 2’6″ and one or two were probably 2’3″. They did not look nearly as impressive as they felt.

It’s all about perspective, right?

Have you had a time when you felt one way, and had your perspective shifted?


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