Goodbye, 2013. It’s been real.

Over the past month or so, every blog post I started began with something like, “I’ve still just been working a bajillion hours…” so I didn’t complete them. There wasn’t much to say beyond the fact that I was working, riding occasionally and sleeping. That was my life, and it was necessary for awhile, but it did not make for very exciting posts. I’m happy to report that I have reached the light on the other side, and I’m looking forward to starting off a brand new year.

I can’t believe 2013 is coming to an end. There are only about 12 hours left. And what a year it has been!

  • I completed a full year at the agency, and am generally very satisfied with my job and excited about the work I do, which is pretty cool.
  • I had a fantastic show season. It was super fun, and was capped off by a huge accomplishment that still brings a smile to my face.
  • My nephew was born! Little Henry has quickly become my favorite person on the planet. I think pretty soon he’ll need to get his first pair of cowboy boots from Auntie Lisa…
  • I traveled to Mexico and Disney World – all for work. I’m now spoiled for when I go on vacation.
  • I got a new riding helmet for Christmas! It’s IRH brand and it’s really comfy…plus it doesn’t give me a bubble head, so that’s always excellent. I’ll do a full review after I’ve ridden in it a time or two. [Update: check out the review here.]

The Farm in Winter

And lately…
In my most recent lessons with Leanne, I’ve been riding a horse named Joe. He’s a cute paint that has mostly been ridden in a bosal, so we have been working on getting him to be more comfortable in a bit. It has been a really interesting challenge. I’ve been enjoying it a lot because in every lesson, we make some sort of obvious progress. Example, for our first few lessons, Joe would not walk on a loose rein on the rail; instead, as soon as I let the reins go loose, he would dive his shoulder to the inside and go to the middle of the arena. By our last lesson a couple of weeks ago, he actually walked on a loose rein on the rail! It was a big accomplishment, as silly as it sounds. There are these great small moments where his potential really shines through. Those little victories are my favorite.

Selfies with HuskyI’ve also been able to ride Husky a couple of times, and have also hopped on Turbo here and there. It has been so bitter cold that the horses have needed to get ridden inside just to move around and get rid of energy. The last time I rode Husky, we just messed around doing some made-up dressage patterns. We had the whole arena to ourselves, so we did big circles, cut across the diagonals, etc. He was fantastic – soft, round, balanced and responsive. It was so dreamy! I’m headed out tomorrow to ride Husky and Turbo again. Might as well start the new year doing what I love so much!

I’m excited for 2014. I think it’s going to be a great year. I am in a great place at work, I am having a great time riding several horses, I am looking forward to more travel and I have big hopes for another fantastic show season. Bring it on, 2014. Let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2013. It’s been real.

  1. My husband tells me all the time my helmet gives me a bobble-head appearance. I’m convinced that I just happen to have a large head, but I will be so glad to read your review on the IRH and may have to give it a try.


  2. Reading your post made me feel the anticipation of a new year to come. What will it hold? I’m excited to find out! Whatever it brings, please continue to post your beautiful photographs with your blog! You have a real gift – many actually! – but photography is among them . . .


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