Review: FITS Winter Socks

I keep telling myself that I should be glad I’ve been so busy – after all, it’s freezing outside, so what else would I be doing? Lately, between the cold weather, finishing up a huge project at work, a last-minute business trip and a family emergency (don’t worry – it turned out to be okay!), I’ve hardly had time to ride. Given that it’s the worst time of year for riding anyway, I’m not beating myself up about it…but I also have been pretty low on blog topics lately. And now I’m writing about socks. Good thing they’re pretty awesome socks!

FITS Women's Pro Ski OTC SockReview: FITS Winter Socks
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Style: FITS Women’s Pro Ski OTC Sock
Price: $19.99-$22.99
Star Rating: 5 out of 5

My mom actually got these socks for free during one of Joe’s Sporting Goods’ ladies nights. Every once in a while they have these events and give out gift bags. The socks were in there and they were a bit too brightly colored.

Pictured are the “black” socks, and mine are even brighter! They are turquoise, yellow and orange. I love them! They are just the right thickness and weight, and are very comfortable. They really do fit well, and they give a little extra cushion and support in the footbed. I hate having cold feet while riding, and it’s always a challenge to find warm enough socks that fit under my half chaps. When I wear these socks with my insulated winter paddock boots, my feet are toasty warm all the time – both in the saddle and on the ground.

What are your favorite winter riding socks or accessories?

3 thoughts on “Review: FITS Winter Socks

  1. I don’t have a particular favourite, but the day that someone invents a beanie/earmuffs/whatever that you can wear under/over your helmet to keep your ears warm, I will have.


    1. Hear hear! I’m always searching for nice thin ear warmers to wear under my helmet. No such luck yet. My tall boots are ridiculous tight, so I’m limited to really thin socks- very good for moisture wicking in the summer, but not so toasty in the winter.


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