Indoor XC Practice

Our last lesson of 2018 was a doozy in the best way. It was a sort of year-end celebration/day to mark the end of my lease on Duke. Trainer B put the jumps up and pulled out the scary skinny so we could do some XC-style practice in our indoor. We started out with something … More Indoor XC Practice

Spurs. I need them.

I had a fairly frustrating ride on Duke last night. We’ve been working on lateral movement as straightening aids – things like working turns on the forehand and leg yielding. Since he is a furry yak right now, I opted to do most of our work at the walk and some trot. Seriously, if I … More Spurs. I need them.

Winter Outfitting

I live in Wisconsin. It’s cold here for a long, long time. Typically from late-October to late-April (or more realistically, early May) it is real chilly. These last two weeks have been positively Arctic. But, we go on. Because we wear all the clothes when we ride. All of them. Here’s what a typical winter … More Winter Outfitting

Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches

I love my Kerrits Powerstretch Winter Breeches. Like, LOVE them. They’re so comfy. They always fit and flatter. I literally have worn them for winter non-riding activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, and hunting. Sometimes I even think about just lounging around the house in them. But, alas, they are the knee patch version. And since … More Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches

Goals for the Winter

Winter in the Upper Midwest sucks. There’s really no other way about it. Sure, the snow is sparkling and magical and whatever. It also gets dark by 4pm, temperatures often stay near zero for weeks on end, and the whole season is about four months too long. Really, if we could have a white Christmas … More Goals for the Winter

Horse Book Club

You guys. I am so excited about this. Recently, my new trainer texted me and a group of girls who lesson and/or own horses out at the barn. “You guys want to do a book club? We’d get this book and do different exercises each week.” And I was like, hell yes I would! Combining my two … More Horse Book Club