Live Oak International, Here We Come

The famous Live Oak International entrance gate

I have been awake since 4:00 this morning. After taking a car, a bus, an airport train, a plane and then another car…we have arrived in Ocala, FL! Chelsie and I are here for Live Oak International, which promises to be pretty epic, with FEI Combined Driving and CSI** Grand Prix jumping. We are staying with the lovely hosts of the Horse Radio Network, just a few minutes from the show grounds.

Live Oak is an incredibly impressive venue, with huge rolling green pastures dotted with the live oaks for which it was named. We stopped by the grounds to pick up our press passes and get the lay of the land. The dressage arena is enormous, and there are a number of marathon hazards clustered near enough to one another that we should be able to see a lot of the action at several of them at once.

The competition starts tomorrow, March 18, with FEI Driven Dressage, and with the likes of Chester Weber and Misdee Wrigley Miller competing, it’s sure to be pretty awesome.

5 thoughts on “Live Oak International, Here We Come

  1. WOW!!!!! What a wonderful adventure!!
    You are TRULY a wonderment, living life
    to the fullest! xxoo Aunty M

    Uncle Tom says, “and I’d never get on a horse”!! hee, hee!


    1. I really recommend it! I’m with a friend who competes in combined driving events so I’m learning a lot. It’s incredibly impressive – and we haven’t even seen marathon day yet! I think it would be awesome for more people to come out and support the driving community.


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