Review: Horses in the Morning

Chelsie, Jennifer and Glenn with their pony and horse
Chelsie, Jennifer and Glenn with their pony and horse

What a beautiful daaaay, for Horses in the Moo-oor-ning!

If you’re not familiar with the Horse Radio Network, be prepared to for your life to change. What is this, you ask? Well, the Horse Radio Network is a podcast network with a bunch of awesome shows, including: Horses in the Morning; Driving Radio; Eventing Radio; and much more.

HITMI listen to Horses in the Morning almost daily as I get ready for work and commute. It’s a morning show format dedicated to a huge variety of topics. They always have awesome guests – one of my favorites so far has been Monty Roberts – and regular contributors, such as Leslie Wylie from Horse Nation. The show is hosted by Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings, who are both hilarious and knowledgeable. (One of my life goals is to meet Jamie.)

I have met Glenn, and his wife Jennifer, in person. They were so kind to host my pony-driving friend, Chelsie, and me when we went down to watch the Live Oak International Horse Show in March. I also wrote updates on the event for Horse Nation, and did social coverage for the Driving Radio Show. At that time, we also met Dr. Wendy Ying, who is a host on some of the shows. What’s cool is that everyone involved are just good folks.

At Live Oak International
At Live Oak International. If you look closely, you can just see our snazzy Horse Radio Network hats!

They recently discovered that the Horse Radio Network is one of the top five podcasting networks in the world! Pretty awesome. You should join in the listener community if you haven’t already. It’s pretty addicting – especially the Really Bad Ads segment they do on Fridays!

How to listen

You can download the Horse Radio Network app; otherwise, I usually listen through Apple’s native Podcasts app on my iPhone. Horses in the Morning broadcasts live Monday-Friday at 9am EST. (I usually end up listening to the previous day’s show in the mornings because the new ones come out when I’m already at work.)

So get to it: Start listening in!

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