Help Me Sell My Saddle!

Guys. I’ve been trying on-and-off for more than a year now to sell my Kieffer Aachen All Purpose saddle. It is a great saddle! But I had to get a different one to fit Drifter better. Honestly I just want this dang thing gone now.


Here are the details:

18″ Kieffer Aachen AP Saddle, medium tree
$600 + shipping if needed
Knee rolls, no thigh blocks.
Narrow twist and longer flaps, great for a long-legged rider.
Wool-flocked panels, partially re-flocked in the spring of 2015 and has not been used since then. It will likely need to be re-flocked in the back portion of the panels.
Good used condition with normal wear; no scratches, holes, loose stitching or cracks.

It was appraised at my local tack consignment shop for $795. They would have priced it higher but due to the panels needing to be re-flocked, decided that would be a fair price. It’s not selling at that price so I’ve dropped it because I’m extremely negotiable and motivated. I want this thing gone!

I prefer not to do trials if shipping is required, but could be talked into it if the buyer wants to pay for shipping.

Interested? Contact me at stayingcenteredblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

7 thoughts on “Help Me Sell My Saddle!

      1. It’s pretty straight forward. It can happen quickly or take a long time, depends on who is looking for your saddle. You can set the price but also take offers.


    1. I’ve listed it a few times on FB groups and had some interest – and even sent it out on trial once! But it’s not moving. I may just drop the price down dramatically to try and move it. And it’s already in a consignment shop, too!


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