Things I’m Thankful For, Things I Want & Things For Sale

The moment I said goodbye
The moment I said goodbye to Drifter. I love how this picture makes me both happy and sad.

I have to take a moment – cheesy as it is, being Thanksgiving – to express how thankful I am.

It has been two months almost to the day since I found out that Drifter would be sold. The next weeks – even a month – was really hard. I cried a lot. I was really lost. I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how I would be able to keep riding. Every solution I found lead to a dead end.

But when I pause and think about where I ended up, I have to be so grateful. I have taken an opportunity to try something new (eventing), which I’ve been interested in for a long time. And I’m having a blast! I’m making new friends, getting to know new horses and learning a TON.

It’s true what my friend Chelsie said: Everything is okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

I truly feel that my prayers have been answered. I came out of that sad, confusing time and found myself in a fresh start that has been amazing so far. Thank you to all who gave advice, gave encouragement and talked me through some low moments. I’m thankful for my new barn, new opportunities, old friends who have sent wonderful messages of support, my new trainer, and the exciting future I can see ahead. I feel really, truly blessed.

Black Friday Wishlist

And now, because you can’t have Thanksgiving with Black Friday anymore, this is my list of things I’ll be scoping out for deals this weekend. There’s a good chunk of stuff I have to get before next spring for eventing.

  • Cross country vest because #safetyfirst
  • Black show coat because I’ll need one for dressage and show jumping
  • Stock tie because dressaaaaaghe (preferably read in an old-timey upscale British accent)
  • White full seat breeches (oh dear, such a scary/unforgiving color!)
  • Other color full seat breeches because I’m obsessed with full seats now
  • Also a new saddle but that’s not really a Black Friday thing…I have to sell mine (preferably BOTH) first and then I’ll look at used rather than new

Speaking of selling saddles…anyone want to buy some quality used stuff off me while you’re hanging around with your extended families trying not to talk about politics?

img_6178RJ Classics Xtreme Hunt Coat, Navy

Size 8L

Excellent condition, still looks new

Machine washable

Stretchy and moisture-wicking

Asking $100 shipped, or make an offer


fullsizerender-9Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Size Zip Breeches

Size 30

Great condition, show quality

Sorry the photo shows them so wrinkly

Asking $100 shipped, or make an offer



Pink Tailored Sportsman Show Shirts

Size 6 and 8

Light pink, one with polka dots and one with pinstripes

Excellent/show-quality condition

Just decided pink is not my color

Asking $26 each, shipping included

img_6172Thornhill Germania Phase 2 Saddle

Size 18, wide tree

Wool flocking, knee and thigh blocks, deeper seat, soft leather

Fit Drifter great, does not fit the horses I ride now (sad face)

Asking $800, plus shipping if needed, open to offers


kieffer-aachen-rightKieffer Aachen All Purpose Saddle

Size 18, medium tree

Wool flocking, knee rolls, deeper seat, supple smooth leather

Asking $550 plus shipping – price dropped from appraised $795

Please for the love of all that is good somebody buy this saddle Open to offers

What are you scoping out this Black Friday?

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For, Things I Want & Things For Sale

  1. Onwards! If possible see if you can get white breeches that are easily washable. There is just no way to keep them clean at shows. I know this from experience! Animo make some that can be washed and are dry by the next morning. They have strips and are not full seat leather but I find they work well.

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