Poll: Best White Full-Seat Breeches?

Oh my.

I need some help, guys. I went to try on white breeches for the first time the other day and it…was not great. I did find one pair that I loved and the person at the store said they were great and not see-through. But they were also $200. I may decide I need to spend that much, but since I also have to buy a cross-country vest, I’d be really interested in some less pricey choices.

I am looking for full-seat breeches specifically. I don’t mind either suede or silicone patches, as long as they fit properly. These are three I’ve tried on in other colors and liked. Have you tried them in white? Are they opaque? Are they flattering?

Please add other styles below if you have a favorite, and tell me why in the comments!

One thought on “Poll: Best White Full-Seat Breeches?

  1. Tough one! I am a dressage rider but I’ve abandoned the full seat thing. I find that riding in the heat ( Florida winter/ontario summer) the full leather seat is just nasty. I do not find that I slip around in the saddle without full seat. Opaque? Animo is a bit see through but wear white knickers and your jacket will cover you anyway.

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