What Should My Cross Country Colors Be?

Important stuff to discuss today, guys: What colors should I choose for cross country?

This feels like a very important decision. From what I’ve seen, eventers get super into their colors and spend lots of time finding things to coordinate their outfits. Which sounds awesome. But first I have to settle on a color scheme that I like.

I have a few in mind after a good long brainstorm session with Chelsie via text message. She’s a combined driver, so she’s as obsessed with her marathon colors as eventers are with cross country colors. She’s even knitting her own fly bonnet in her colors of teal and lime green. #goals

My criteria:

  • Colors that I currently like and think I will continue to like long into the future. Thus, super trendy colors or ones that are hard to match are out (I’m looking at you, mint).
  • Colors that look good with Artie – photo below for reference.
  • Colors that will look good with many horses, since I don’t own Artie and will likely end up competing other horses in the next few years. Can’t go changing out colors every time, or I will have no more money for entry fees and lessons. And, like, food and bills and stuff. Ew.
Artie: Dark bay paint

All the options below include the Charles Owen JL9 safety vest because I already own it, and the Ogilvy Jump Baby Pad because their customization tool is the bomb dot com. I’ll list the other products with links below each photo.

Get ready for some AMAZING screenshot-and-Powerpoint work. They are truly things of beauty.

Option 1: Dark Blue, Lime Green & Black
Blue is pretty universally flattering, and I like lime green a lot for a little pop of fun color, appropriate for geldings or mares.


Kastel Denmark Charlotte Sun Shirt
Majyk Equipe Color Elite Cross Country Boots
Custom Fly Bonnet from Creative Seahorse on Etsy 

Option 2: Purple & Black
Purple is my favorite color and who cares if I’m riding a gelding? He doesn’t know that purple is generally a girl-gendered color and anyway let’s fight the patriarchy, amirite? Because purple is awesome and these purple Majyk Equipe boots are everything.


Romfh ChillFactor Sun Shirt
Majyk Equipe boots again because they’re awesome
Equiclass Fly Veil (actually a pony size one pictured, whoops)

Red & White with Black
Because GO BADGERS. Also, red looks good on me and many horse colors. It is bright and vibrant.


EIS Cool Shirt in Red
Majyk Equipe boots AGAIN in red, can you tell I want them?
Generic red and white fly veil I found in Google Images

Dark Green & Gold with Black
Vaguely reminiscent of the Packers, yet also classy and cute. May not look the best on all horses? Also, the greens might be hard to match. I’m undecided.


Kastel Denmark Charlotte Sun Shirt
Eskadron Cross Country Boots
Generic green and gold fly veil I found in Google Images

Lime Green & Black
I love lime green and I think it would be a fun, bright color to run around in. When I ran it past some other girls at the barn, they said, “well, that would be bright.” Yes, it would. But so fun, right?


CoolBlast by Dover IceFil Shirt
Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots
Logo Style Fly Veil by Schockenmole Sports

Black & Gold
This is pretty much the opposite of lime green. Very understated. We’d be like cross country ninjas out there. Also, must decide if wearing a black long sleeve shirt is something I’ll want to do in the summer. Signs point to no.


Shirt option 1 – Tailored Sportsman Ice Fil Shirt in Orange Crush
Shirt option 2 – EIS Blocked Cool Shirt in Black with Cashmere
Woof Wear Smart Event Boots
Intrepid International Fly Bonnet via Amazon

Burgundy, Black & Grey
Perhaps the classiest of color combinations. I like this, the color looks good on me. It’s more subdued but I think it would be cute.


Tailored Sportsman Ice Fil Shirt in Redwood
Eskadron Flexi Soft Cross Country Boots in Dark Red
Generic burgundy and silver fly bonnet from Google Images / Pinterest

So many choices! Which is your favorite?

13 thoughts on “What Should My Cross Country Colors Be?

  1. Love the burgundy! I used to do red/black on a really flashy bright bay I used to ride and it looked so good on him. When he got put down I decided those would forever only be “his” colors so I now use burgundy/baby blue and it matches pretty much everyone I put them on!

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  2. My vote is split between the blue, lime green & black, and the Badger colors – cuz, well, you’re that. Either (actually all!) combination will look really nice on you. Have fun picking – this is the stuff that makes Winter go by fast!!!

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  3. the purple is nice but what if you later ride a chestnut horse? The burgundy is also nice but again a chestnut could be difficult. However it depends on whether is it a “red head” chestnut or a liver chestnut. That’s enough from me!

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