But First, Bourbon & Tacos

We made it to Lexington for Rolex! We opted out of the first day of Dressage to give the boys a day of non-horse related activities and hit up a couple of distilleries in town.

Woodford Reserve was gorgeous and historic. I’m not really a bourbon drinker but theirs was actually quite smooth and drinkable. The drive to the distillery was gorgeous with rolling hills, huge pastures filled with frolicking foals and beautiful barns.

We also checked out the Wild Turkey Distillery. It was very different – super modern and industrial, which was cool to see after the smaller Woodford Reserve. The bourbon was…less drinkable. Like I said, I’m not a bourbon drinker. But they have two pretty cool bridges – one giant train trestle bridge where crazy adventurous people bungee jump, and the other is one of two s-curve bridges in the country. It was gorgeous and Chelsie’s husband is a bridge geek. I imagine he feels similarly about cool bridges as I feel about horses.

In the evening we headed to the Horse Park campground to meet some other bloggers for a taco party! After accidentally getting kicked out/thinking we were at the wrong party, we ended up having a ton of fun. It was really nice to put in-person faces to blogs like Equestrian at Hart, The $900 Facebook Pony, SprinklerBandits, and meeting Liz from In Omnia Paratus. Such fun! The tacos were pretty tasty, too.

And tomorrow – ROLEX. Can. Not. Wait.

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