5 Things to Know about Rolex Dressage Day(s)

Yes, I’m a few days behind on this post but can you blame me? I was pretty busy being excited about getting engaged!

Michael Jung and Fisherrocana FST

Five things I learned from Rolex Dressage Day:

  1. Dress for all the weather. It was pretty cold in the morning, even though the forecast called for temperatures in the mid-80s for later in the day. It probably rained at some point, too.
  2. Go to one day of dressage. By the end of the day, even I was pretty happy to be done watching the same test over and over.
  3. Get seats. We got covered seats in case of rain. They were pretty comfortable and I would not have wanted to sit in the bleachers. Our vantage point let us see pretty clearly the differences in each test, which was very interesting.
  4. Spring for the headsets. I thought they were kind of expensive but super worth it. We split them so two people could listen per headset and it was so helpful to have the commentary in our ears! Very educational and also at times hilarious.
  5. Don’t take too many photos. Trust me, they’re all going to look pretty much the same. Snap a few, and then sit back, put down the technology, and enjoy the experience in real life.
Clark Montgomery & Loughan Glen put in a test that gave me chills
I liked catching riders’ reactions (Michael Jung and Fisherrocana FST)

And that’s enough for dressage pictures. Seriously. They all look the same.

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