Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches

I love my Kerrits Powerstretch Winter Breeches. Like, LOVE them. They’re so comfy. They always fit and flatter. I literally have worn them for winter non-riding activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, and hunting. Sometimes I even think about just lounging around the house in them. But, alas, they are the knee patch version. And since I saw the light and switched to full seats last year, I have been in search of a great pair of winter full seat breeches for our frigid winter here in Wisconsin. They’re a necessity. Winter lasts, like, six months here.

Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches
Size: Large (normally I wear a Medium but I’m feeling a little…padded…for the winter so I went up a size)
Color: Heather Grey
Order from: Riding Warehouse
Price: $129, usually on sale for $117; I bought them on Black Friday and used a gift card (score!)
Star rating: 2.75 out of 5

These breeches are fine. They are a little big but I did order them a size larger than normal. I love the color. They aren’t super thick, nor are they very stretchy. They are weirdly long. Usually I’m thrilled when breeches arrive and they don’t cut off mid-calf but these are so long I actually have to roll them. They’re not the warmest, but they are pretty comfortable. Because they’re so long, they sometimes get caught behind my knee when I’m wearing my tall boots, which is a little annoying. They are quite high rise, which I am fine with, though I guess I’d prefer them not to be quite so high.

For context, I’m comparing them to a pair of Smartpack Winter Full Seats, and those were weirdly (and uncomfortably) tight in the waistband. So I definitely reach for the Kerrits full seats over those.

I would not say I’ve reached the end of my quest for the perfect winter full seat breeches. I should really just buy the full seat version of my favorite winter knee patch breeches but every time I browse online, I somehow become convinced that I should try something new. Silly me.

I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches

  1. i have a riding warehouse credit for a sheet i returned (I had it sitting around and finally went to use it and HUGE). I love their return policy. ANYWAY I have a credit and want some full seat warm breeches. GUIDE ME 🙂 LOL I have a couple pair of Tuff rider full seats and i do like them but I want a different brand. Sounds like these won’t do for me if they are that long.
    Thanks for the review!!


  2. But how is the pocket? I’m a huge advocate of large cargo pockets on the thigh, but I’ve been very disappointed in Kerrits cargo pockets.. i mean, they’re SO TINY! Do they know how wide today’s cell phones are?!


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