Equestrians Against Normalcy

I got to play Equestrians Against Normalcy last night. It. Was. Awesome. We laughed until we cried multiple times.

The game is hilarious. My only notes are minor, and they are:

  • The different jump off packs seem to include duplicate white answer cards. We played with Jump Off Pack 1-3 and there was a fair amount of duplication. Not a huge deal, we’d just discard the ones that we’d already seen.
  • A lot of the time the white cards didn’t quite match the blue cards grammatically. Again, not a huge deal as I see how this would be extremely hard to make work every time. We just tweaked them slightly as we read them to make them fit within the blue card framework.

This was from possibly the best round of the night (featuring a sight rarely seen on this blog, me in non-riding clothes):

In case you missed it under the sounds of laughing and hilarity:

Verdict: Get it. Play it. Love it.

Here’s where to buy it.

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