The Flat Tire Episode

On the way to the horse trials last weekend, we hit some traffic on the highway. Which ended up working in our favor, because suddenly the trailer started moving around a lot behind the truck. Turned out there was a weird air bulge on a tire – and then it blew.

We were going really slow, thankfully, and we were able to creep up to the next exit and along to a gas station. Except we missed the turn. (I take responsibility for this as the navigator. Oops.)

But fortune smiled on us yet again, because instead we ended up at a service center that does maintenance and repairs on semi trucks. #score

We pulled in, talked to the guys in the shop and they quickly agreed to change out the tire for us. They had all these cool tools like an electric jack and this thing that told them when the bolts were tight enough on the new tire.

It took all of 15 minutes for them to change it out and send us on our merry way.

A Duke, a jack and a blown tire

If you look closely at the photo, you can see a giant hole toward the bottom. The inner tube seemed to still be holding a good amount of pressure, oddly.

Anyway, while I know that Trainer B and I are capable, strong women who absolutely could have changed the tire ourselves…I’m not complaining about having the help of about five mechanics and some fancy tools. They also thought Duke was great, and I mean, obviously they were right about that!

2 thoughts on “The Flat Tire Episode

  1. wow i would totally take a service repair situation over sitting on a highway trying to change a tire. WIN WIN 🙂

    Glad all was okay and you got on the road pretty quick 🙂


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