Nakey, Nakey, Duke Might Hate Me

Clipping Day

I finally body clipped Duke. I should’ve done it at least a month ago. Actually, I attempted it back in October. The clipper blades turned out to be dull so he got a hack job bib clip and that was it. Thus passed two months of me being unsure if I should buy blades and clip him since I am not his owner.

I finally just went for it.

Seriously, he was so hairy that after an hour lesson, I’d have to spend close to an hour and a half to get him properly cool and dry. That included walking in a cooler, towel drying and using a blow dryer. 

Yeah. A blow dryer. 

Salon or stable?

Beyond that, I realized I was actually not riding him as much, or changing my ride plans to avoid him getting sweaty. I would either do a very light ride, or just not ride at all. That realization was the kick in the pants I needed to suck it up and buy clipper blades. 

I thought all was lost when the hardware store that carries the blades was closed, it being a Sunday. But I ended up looking at my local PetSmart’s online inventory and they had a Andis CeramicEdge blade in stock.

Tip: PetSmart will price match anywhere, even their own website. These blades were $18 online, but when I got to the store they were almost $45. Which, no thanks. But they matched the online price, so I picked up two plus some Cool Care spray. At the hardware store, the blades are at least $30, so I was happy with the price. Why PetSmart doesn’t have price parity online and in-store, I have no idea.

I give you all this background because a) maybe you, too, can save money and b) because these blades were awesome. I was not quite sure about the ceramic blade, but I do have ceramic kitchen knives that are super sharp and amazing, so I tried it. The blade never got hot, it was still sharp by the end, and I was very pleased with how it handled Dukes incredible yak-like fur. I did use plenty of Cool Care spray throughout just to keep them from getting gummed up, and it worked like a charm. 10/10 would recommend.

Pre-pre-clip-bath. So dirty. So hairy. So questioning what he did to deserve this.

Duke got a nice warm bath which was amazing to get all the dirt off his legs and I took the opportunity to wash his mane and tail, too. They were nasty. And then, we clipped.

So satisfying
The sheer quantity of hair was truly incredible

Duke is really a good boy for clipping. He stood mostly still the whole time. The only minor issues arose when the feeding cart came through. I should’ve started just a little sooner – we were almost done when it was feeding time, and it would’ve been nice to not torture him with a delayed meal. Oh, well, we got it done. I left his face, legs and most of his belly unclipped. Those areas aren’t covered by his cozy blanket, and they won’t get super sweaty. 

There’s the handsome boy I know

So, this was the first time I’ve actually body clipped a horse. I know a lot of people hate it but I found it deeply satisfying. I know it’d be different if I had to do a bunch of horses in one day, or work on a horse that was not good with clipping. But I honestly just kind of slipped into this wonderful zen brain state. 

I’ve had a lot going on and a very busy brain lately, so it was really nice to just sink into a calm state, focusing on the task at hand.

Plus, at the end, it was wonderful to have a clean, soft horse! I am dying to ride once again, knowing I won’t have to cool him out for a million years. 

This picture doesn’t even do it justice. This was like four full shovels full of hair.

7 thoughts on “Nakey, Nakey, Duke Might Hate Me

    1. His fluffiness bordered on ridiculous. I’m soooo happy he’s clipped now. He’ll be so much less stinky and cleaner – even if he manages to find a patch of unfrozen mud/dirt, he has to wear his blanket with neck cover so he can’t get dirty muahahaha

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