I Did a Thing

Something must be in the air. Duke got a haircut this week, but so did I. Well, technically I did this a few weeks ago, but I’m still getting used to it.

I chopped off eight inches of hair. 

Overall, I love it and I’m happy. It’s easier to do before work and it feels a lot fresher than my long hair (which, despite the photo above, tended to end up in a bun more often than not). I feel a lot more sassy now.

However, I did not consider that it would be quite so challenging to pull it back for riding. The front parts tend not to stay in a ponytail. Typically I shove a winter hat on top of it or just wear it down. And then of course it gets tucked into my helmet when I’m riding, so that’s not a problem. 

We interrupt this broadcast for an unrelated horse GIF because this is a horse blog after all

I guess dramatic haircuts are going around at the moment! 

18 thoughts on “I Did a Thing

    I was asking my stylist for her opinion on some ideas that I had for post-wedding, and she started laughing. Apparently it’s a Thing for people to do a drastic change after they get married hahaha

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  2. Oh! I did the same thing after my wedding. My sister calls it the “wife hair cut”. I need to get it cut again (lessons have leap frogged hair cuts in the budget), but I always threw it in a low pony and captured the front parts with a RWR hair net.

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      1. They were the only way I could stand getting the shorter hair in a helmet. Unless I took the time to do a great french braid, but who has time for that?!


  3. ha it looks cute. Can you use bobby pins to pull it back for riding? I have short hair and have had to break some out before to get it all to mash down enough to stay under the helmet. Short hair is so flyaway 🙂 But it looks great!!


  4. It looks wonderful on you! I love it ❤ I did that too. I unfortunately am having a brain fart as to whether I did that this year or last year, but my hair used to be as long as the middle of my back. And it was quite a bit of maintenance! Just like you, it ended up in a bun more often than not. Or a braid. Or anything off of my face. And it was so hard to ride in – the braid was long enough to block the number on my show jacket LOL. So, a cut it was! I've realized though that collarbone length is perfect for my hair. Long enough to pull back into a pony to ride, but short enough my hair will still have it's natural waves. Easy maintenance for work 😀


    1. Easy is the best! Unfortunately this one isn’t so easy…I pretty much have to do something with it every day so there are times when I wish I could put it in a bun! I think I will let it grow around collarbone length – like you say, easier maintenance!

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