Heels. Put Them Down.

I had an unfortunate incident last night during my lesson, while we were doing grid work.

Heels down, leg on = beautiful form:

Heels not down, leg not on = nearly going over the jump without the horse:

These are both screen captures from videos that my patient mother took. For giggles, here are the videos:

Thankfully, I’m fine. The whole thing felt like it happened in slow motion and I sort of directionally fell so as not to completely land on the jump (only partially).

Fun times.

9 thoughts on “Heels. Put Them Down.

  1. Yeah, so I may or may not have done exactly the same thing on Tuesday… except my mom didn’t get it on video. Thank goodness… At least we both appear to have landed neatly between the jump and the horse, which is always a plus, right?


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