Goals vs. Adulting

For many reasons, 2018 has been dubbed Lisa’s Year of the Horse. I’m leasing Duke and this competition season, I’ve got serious goals – unlike last year when my sole competition-related goal was “finish one event.” But this year, I’ve got my sea legs in this whole eventing thing and I want to be more … More Goals vs. Adulting

Meet Duke (Again)

This year, I get to half lease Duke! I introduced him last spring and even won a Starter CT on him after riding him, like maybe 5 times. (I know, I know, a huge accomplishment!) I had planned to compete him through the summer, but he got a nasty abscess that turned into a hole … More Meet Duke (Again)

Photography Friday

I have been reminiscing about the summer lately as the snow has finally fallen here in Wisconsin. These are a few of my favorite photos from the Fox River Valley HT in June 2017. Like what you see? Follow @brassbit on Instagram!

Radio Silence

I went radio silent about six weeks ago and to be honest, it was because I had a hard time confronting the end of the season and the end of my lease on Stryder. We had an incredible show and reached this super high peak of emotion…and then it was over. Done. Back to riding … More Radio Silence