Spurs. I need them.

I had a fairly frustrating ride on Duke last night. We’ve been working on lateral movement as straightening aids – things like working turns on the forehand and leg yielding. Since he is a furry yak right now, I opted to do most of our work at the walk and some trot. Seriously, if I … More Spurs. I need them.

Toit Nups

Yes, it’s been nearly six months. And, yes, I’m finally going to tell you all about it and share some of my favorite photos. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen some of the ones with Duke. A few months after the wedding, Husband and I put our wedding clothes back on and went … More Toit Nups

1 Week In

So far I’m very proud of myself in my two “No Weakness November” challenges. I have done no-stirrup work in every ride except my lesson last night, and I’ve done my planks every day as planned. I planned to do some no stirrup work in my last night’s lesson, whether as part of the lesson … More 1 Week In

A New Woman

I got married! So, while technically I’m not a ‘new’ woman – still the same crazy horse girl over here – I do have a new name and a new husband. Pretty freaking great. The day was perfect. Everything came together beautifully and we were surrounded by family and friends. We said our vows, ate … More A New Woman